In the spring 2008 Duo Diagonal's first CD “Incontri” (English: "meetings, encounters") came out with baroque and contemporary music by A.L. Couperin, F. Couperin, Mattheson, Bashmakov, T. Ørvad and Vladigerov.

The has become well received by the press - and is the first CD ever with music for harpsichord and accordion!


The CD contains a comprehensive booklet with data on works and composers in English and German.

Track list:

  Armand-Louis Couperin: Simphonie de Clavecins, D-major
1. LISTEN (45sec.) Moderato et marché
2.   Andante
3.   Presto
  Leonid Bashmakov:
(f. 1927)
4 inventions for accordion and harpsichord
4.   I. Liberamente
5. LISTEN (45sec.) II. Allegro commodo
6.   III. Lento e molto rubato
7.   IV. Andante
  Francois Couperin:
from “L’art de touches le clavecin”
harpsichord solo
8.-10.   prélude II, IV & VII
11. Leif Kayser:
Impromptu (1991) - accordion solo
  Johann Mattheson:
Suite a due Cembali, g-minor
12.   1. Allemande
13.   2. Courante
14. LISTEN (45sec.) 3. Sarabande
15.   4. Gigue
  Timme Ørvad:
(f. 1943)
Incontri (2007)
16.   1. Alla Danza
17. LISTEN (45sec.) 2. Con Sentimento
18.   3. Alla Burla
  Pancho Vladigerov:
from “Shumen Miniatures” op. 29
19.   - Song
20. LISTEN (45sec.) - Rachenitsa

The CD is released on ARS Produktion, Germany and can be ordered at www.ARS-Produktion.de
- or directly by Duo Diagonal by clicking here: order CD
Price: € 18 + shipping.

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